The Montreal Canadiens can't name an interim captain

Published November 8, 2021 at 9:46

While we wait for more details about Carey Price, let's go back to a statement made by Bruno Gervais a little less than 24 hours ago.

According to him, the Habs can't name an interim captain at this time because a player would automatically be depleted. This speech of Gervais confirms what we have been seeing/feeling since the launch of this 2021-22 schedule: there is no player who is captain material right now.

Gervais also added that the current situation of the Montreal Canadiens was created by a lack of desire and determination. Ouch!

"When you need to get out of a hole or a rough patch, it takes more than just doing the right things, it takes extreme effort!"

Gervais is absolutely right. It's all very well to say that we deserved a better result after a game where we were leading 2-0... But if this team would come together like they did in the last playoffs, the result would certainly be different.

Without saying that Dominique Ducharme's team is "banging its butt", we can however point out that it does not offer that extra effort that makes the difference between victory and defeat.
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