Some fans want to slap Dominique Ducharme

Published November 7, 2021 at 10:02 PM

Some people are having quite the words on social media about Dominique Ducharme, which just goes to show once again what the world is like today.

Why would anyone make such comments about Coach Ducharme?

I mean, did you see the hug that Shea Weber gave Dominique Ducharme when he went to join the team in Seattle? That shows a lot of respect between the two men and it shows that Ducharme was probably a big part of the locker room when Weber was there.

I mean, come on! Is he the one who added David Savard or Cédric Paquette to the lineup? Is he the one who made Carey Price miss the game? Is it his fault that Phillip Danault and Corey Perry are gone? Is he responsible for the injuries to Paul Byron and Joel Edmundson?

Ducharme has to work with the soldiers he is given for his unit. Unfortunately, with the lack of quality personnel, many guys are not in the right chair. This is the case for David Savard, Brett Kulak, Jake Allen, Cédric Paquette or Jake Evans...

At some point, despite a game plan that proved to be effective during the last playoffs, Ducharme finds himself in a quagmire and he is not the main culprit of this landing!
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