Mike Fisher should have kept his mouth shut about vaccination

Published November 7, 2021 at 9:40 PM

Mike Fisher was a great hockey player and most importantly, a GREAT leader/captain for the Nashville Predators. Fisher has been married to Carrie Underwood for a few years and is a friend of Aaron Rodgers, who recently caught the COVID-19 virus.

Rodgers didn't get the two doses and he caught the virus, so he got a lot of flak for it. Then that's when Fisher came out and blamed the NHL and the NFL for the vaccination.

"I stand in solidarity with Aaron Rodgers. I believe in the freedom to choose what we put in our bodies and the freedom of conscience. I agree with him in that the science clearly shows that the vaccinated spread Covid at about the same rate as the unvaccinated!"

After reading Fisher's comments, Ken Campbell took the opportunity to come out and pick him up solidly on social media:

"Mike Fisher was a pretty good hockey player, a great leader and seems like a decent person. But he's clearly also an idiot. And a dangerous idiot because he is misinformed and spreads untruths."

In short, the expression "turn your tongue seven times before speaking" makes sense here!
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