The Montreal Canadiens are back in 2015... without manhood

Jeff Drouin
October 27, 2021  (11:10 PM)

First of all, I want to make it clear that the Montreal Canadiens is Carey Price because of his status as a superhero and BIG star in the National Hockey League. Without his prowess, the team would not have achieved some of its greatest achievements, such as the 2014 run.

On the other hand, has Price brought an attitude, culture and soul to this group? The answer is no. This team was easy to play against night in and night out, and that's what prompted Marc Bergevin to send P.K. Subban, Montreal's golden boy, to Nashville to acquire the services of Shea Weber. This was in 2016, remember!
During the "Rookies" segment on the set of "JiC", Nicolas Cloutier perfectly wrote about the immediate effect of Weber as soon as he stepped into that Blue-White-Red locker room.
"To understand Shea Weber is to go back to the beginning of his first season with the CH. He was hurt in the summer because he was linked to the departure of the darling, P.K. Subban. But here he comes with a team that had missed the playoffs and he transforms it. With his aura. With his "we mean business" attitude, with his manly style."
"The team started the year 13-1-1. Weber had 12 points and a +17 rating. Why do I remember that? Because the current CH, which started the year, is a soulless team, a team that is easy to play against. It's the same team we used to see... before Weber arrived in Montreal." - Cloutier
The young man is right on target. What does the Montreal Canadiens look like since the opening of the 2021-22 campaign? A team without soul and without identity. Without its captain, this team simply does not know who it is anymore!
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