Georges Laraque made a VERY radical comment about Dominique Ducharme

Published October 27, 2021 at 6:31 PM

Humiliated 5-1 by the Seattle Kraken on Tuesday, the Habs got off to a very poor start on their Western trip. To make matters worse, Dominique Ducharme's team will play its next game in San Jose, where it has not won since 1999, before heading to Los Angeles and Anaheim.

Head coach Dominique Ducharme is starting to see his job threatened by his team's disastrous start to the season, to the point where his future could be at stake by the end of this trip.

Indeed, radio host Georges Laraque did not mince his words on Wednesday on 91.9 Sports, saying he would simply fire Ducharme if the CH's woes are not resolved by the time the team returns to Montreal...

While this comment from Georges Laraque may seem crude, there is no doubt that the idea of changing coaches must have crossed Marc Bergevin's mind at some point in the last few weeks, as the Tricolore's 1-6-0 record after seven games is frankly unacceptable for a defending Stanley Cup finalist.

It remains to be seen how patient Bergevin will be with the man he has designated as his most trusted man behind the bench, but a major change will have to be made in the next few games if the Notre-Dame-des-Prairies native is to prove Georges Laraque wrong.
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