The Jonathan Drouin file is becoming increasingly thorny

Published November 16, 2021 at 8:43

The case of Jonathan Drouin is taking a strange turn. According to several journalists, Jonathan would have received the green light from the team's doctors in time to play Sunday's game against the Bruins, but he would have decided to skip it because he did not feel "comfortable" enough to play.

A situation against which some Internet users were indignant.

"I apologize, but there is no colleague who gave this information with any implication," said Marc-André Perreault, of TVA Sports. "The facts are as follows and were given by Dominique Ducharme: Jo has the green light and he doesn't feel comfortable, that's it, that's all," he concluded.

Jean-Philippe Bertrand, for his part, raised the question of whether or not such a case could cause a reaction in the CH locker room, since Drouin is not the only one who has to deal with injuries on the team.

"I think of a guy like Brendan Gallagher, remember the picture during the playoffs, the face in blood and he continues to play. And there, since the beginning of the year, we will not hide, his body holds with tape and pin."

"So when he hears that Jonathan Drouin doesn't feel comfortable playing... I'm sure there are a bunch of players in the Canadiens' locker room who are gnashing their teeth."

Not everyone reacts to pain in the same way, however, as Perreault reminded.

"Not everyone has the same pain tolerance threshold. You can think of an extreme example, Shea Weber, who played with virtually no thumb and two wasted knees."

In short, although this situation should be taken with caution, it could quickly make people unhappy in the Tricolore's entourage. It remains to be seen if Jonathan Drouin will be able to play in Tuesday night's game against the Rangers.
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