A bit of positivity for the Habs in these really difficult times

Published November 15, 2021 at 5:39 PM

We often talk about the negatives in this disastrous start to the Montreal Canadiens' season, but what about the positives?

During the Habs training camp last September, all eyes were on American forward Ryan Poehling. He left a few people wanting more. The organization sent him back to the Laval Rocket to regain his confidence and refine his game, a mandate he fulfilled with brio.

He has played in the last three games for the Tricolore and from what we can tell, he didn't come to town as a spectator. He even scored a nice goal against the Red Wings.

He's playing with poise and confidence, something we've never seen in his game during his many stints with the Habs. He has improved his skating and vision. He makes simple, yet effective plays with the puck, instead of breaking up the game by getting rid of the disc quickly.

It's too early to tell, but if he continues to show great things like this, it would be surprising if he returns to the Laval Rocket.

In my opinion, Poehling brings a much more interesting dimension than Cedric Paquette, in addition to being a product of the organization. Yes, Paquette is from Quebec, so he's a little guy from here, but when a first choice of your organization is ready to take more responsibilities, you give it to him.

Objectively speaking, when all the outcasts are back, there will be no more room for Cedric Paquette with the big club. The emergence of Poehling must necessarily make the Gaspesian very uncomfortable...
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