The Filip Mesar file is not unanimous and it is making people talk

Published October 15, 2022 at 3:40 PM

This Saturday morning, the Montreal Canadiens organization decided to send Filip Mesar back to his OHL junior team.

This dismissal comes the day after the Slovakian forward's first game with the Laval Rocket. He was not used much, especially at the end of the game, but he still managed two shots on goal and finish with a -1 differential. He had a very good game overall.

While many see this return to the OHL as a good thing, as Mesar will finally get the minutes he deserves, others do not. Andrew Zadarnowski of HabsEOTP is one of them. He doesn't understand the point of sending the forward to play with youngsters in junior when he was playing with men in Europe last year.

"I don't like this move. What's the point of sending him to a bad junior team to play with kids when he's already played against men in Europe. Time will tell. I'm sure the #Habs have done their homework, but I would have sent him back to Europe."

At his last media availability, Kent Hughes had mentioned that he would rather see Mesar dominate in junior than have a decent season in the AHL. With the personnel move he made this Saturday morning, he has gone from words to deeds.

One of the benefits to this personnel move for Hughes is that it frees up a contract spot for him within the 50 he has. As CaFriendly reports, contracts for 18 and 19 year old players do not count against the cap if they play in the Juniors. This is a significant flexibility for the GM, as he will be able to accommodate many contracts in transactions this season, and we know there will be some!

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The Filip Mesar file is not unanimous and it is making people talk

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