The Canadiens made the right choice according to Enrico Ciccone

Published January 18, 2022 at 6:56 PM

Knowing Kent Hughes for more than 30 years, the former player and now NHL agent, Enrico Ciccone, is convinced that the Montreal Canadiens have chosen the right candidate to be their general manager.

In particular, he sent a message to the critics, dissatisfied with the English-speaking name of Hughes or the fact that his name is not Patrick Roy, stating that the Hughes-Gorton duo would perform miracles.

"Many people would have liked to see a more voluble person in Patrick Roy, I agree, but when we bring a new structure like the Canadiens are currently doing with Jeff Gorton [and Hughes], I think it will create something extraordinary."

As for the French language, Ciccone persists and signs. No matter what people say, Hughes is a Quebecer who is fluent in French and has always been.

"I almost always spoke French with Kent, he said at first. When I played Bantam AA with him, we spoke French. He comes from a family that has integrated into French. He is a full-fledged Quebecer, a local guy."

Finally, Ciccone insisted on contradicting those who believe that Hughes will obey Jeff Gorton. Even though he is his superior, the Beaconsfield native will work as a team with Gorton, helping him make informed decisions.

"Those who think Kent Hughes is the "yes sir" type, you are mistaken. You don't build a team with guys who always say the same thing you do. I assure you that he will challenge Jeff Gorton," he concluded.

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