The Canadiens funny lineup will make you laugh!

Published December 27, 2021 at 1:43 PM

With all the players on the sidelines at the Montreal Canadiens, whether due to COVID-19 or an injury, Dominique Ducharme had to build an alignment with what he had in his hands.

When you look at the combinations, whether it's offense, defensive, or in front of the net, there's a lot to laugh about, as some people have done on Twitter.

The new Montreal team can now be named after the Montreal Rocket, which is not a lie.

There is only one NHL-worthy line in the Montreal offense, which ends up with several players from their AHL team.

In closing, here are the only players from today's roster who were present at the final game of the Stanley Cup final.

We're only talking about five players... pretty implausible, huh?
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