The NHL could end up in a big mess

Published December 27, 2021 at 10:11

The NHL ends up with a ton of COVID-19 cases and must manage this by postponing games, always with the aim of playing an 82-game season. On the other hand, a problem may be emerging... the lack of staff at the level of referees.

We often talk about players and coaches, but referees are also part of the pack, while nearly 15 of them are on the COVID-19 protocol, according to the Seattle Times. The NHL does not reveal cases of COVID in men with stripes, but there are a few things that can be said about it.

On December 17th, three games had to take place with the presence of three referees instead of four. As a reminder, during a Sharks-Canucks game, Ryan Galloway forfeited without the reason being disclosed, but it was apparently COVID-19.

Here is what a spokesperson told the Seattle newspaper:

«Our arbitration team has followed the recommendations of the NHL and local, provincial and federal agencies to ensure their health and safety, and will continue to do so.»

If there are not enough people to officiate the games, it could jeopardize the season if it does not improve. Note that there are no substitute referees in the arenas... In short, the case of referees is to be taken seriously!
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