The Canadiens' biggest fan has passed away and a nod was sent to the team

Published November 24, 2021 at 9:58

Toronto Maple Leafs fan Warren Gordon wore a red Montreal Canadiens jersey in honour of his late grandfather. Gordon shared a photo from the funeral, tagging the Montreal Canadiens, showing the entire family and loved ones wearing the team's jersey.

Here is the very touching message dropped by Gordon about his grandfather:

"To the Canadiens, hello! My grandfather passed away last weekend and we had a funeral service today where we all wore Canadiens jerseys in his honor. He was the biggest Tricolore fan I have ever met, he even asked Leafs fans (including me) to wear the red, white and blue!

He was a huge Canadiens fan, so his son (my uncle) built a man cave for them to watch games and play darts. Which the whole family enjoyed. The second picture is him (backwards jersey, lol) with my cousin and grandmother."

A death is VERY sad, but there is always a way to send a beautiful wink for those who have left this planet to a world that is said to be better.

Rest in peace Warren and condoleances to the Gordon family.
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