Marc Bergevin could be interested in the services of two experienced centers

Published November 23, 2021 at 10:17 PM

One of the Tricolore's biggest weaknesses this season is at center. They are sorely lacking in experience and offense within that group of centers. Other than Nick Suzuki, no one seems to be in the right chair.

Dvorak is a total disappointment at all points, the second center position seems to be difficult for him to handle. While Jake Evans doesn't seem to have enough poise to be a third center consistently.

With the miserable season the Habs are having, it wouldn't be surprising if the organization makes some changes or additions next summer. Let's remember that the Habs is in urgent need of a quality second center.

Louis Jean of TVA Sports suggested two names that could interest the Montreal team.

The analyst believes that the captain of the Philadelphia Flyers, Claude Giroux could be a good bet for the Habs.


"Claude Giroux is one of the best in the face-off circle. Some consider him a winger, I consider him a center. Could the Habs be interested in him? At 33, would he be a complement to Nick Suzuki and Christian Dvorak? We're just having fun here."

Giroux will likely become an unrestricted free agent, as he will not negotiate with the Flyers until after the season. Philadelphia is likely to be tight with the salary cap and the organization seems to want to pass the torch to young players.

The second name that was mentioned by Louis Jean is Nazem Kadri, the fourth leading scorer in the NHL right now.


"Nazem Kadri, on the other hand, becomes an unrestricted free agent player at the end of this season. The Kadri family has always loved the Tricolore. He's a guy who brings a dimension that is rare. I don't think the Colorado Avalanche will be able to get along with him. At 31 years old, he could be a solution, it's something to watch."

Kadri has the perfect profile of the second center player. He will inevitably demand a high salary, but to have quality, you have to pay.

All this is speculation, certainly, given that the 2021-2022 season seems to be wasted, we must quietly rivet our eyes to the future.

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