The Blackhawks' controversial win really doesn't sit well with the board!

Published January 14, 2022 at 0:12

The Chicago Blackhawks won a very strange game against the Montreal Canadiens. The two teams shared the pace in the game. The victory could have gone either way. However, what caught the attention was the famous winning goal of Philipp Kurashev in overtime.

Let's face it, it was strange. Hoffman made an incredible defensive tuck, which created contact with Kurashev and Samuel Montembeault. All three men ended up in the net with the puck, moving the net in the process.

The problem? The puck went in, yes, but as a result of the net being moved. In theory, this goal was not supposed to be good. The officials ruled that the defensive player (Hoffman) was the cause of the contact, so in their opinion, the goal was good.

See the goal in question:

ON the other hand, the officials disallowed the goal because Kurashev was CLEARLY offside on the sequence.

Then, a second review took place about the offside. The result? The officials finally awarded the goal, even though Kurashev's skates were in the offensive zone before the puck...

In short, even if the puck went through the net on the contact between Hoffman and Kurashev, the Hawks forward was offside, so there should never have been a goal on this sequence.

VERY controversial decision by the referees, which attracted a lot of reactions on Twitter.

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