Phillip Danault and Alexander Radulov would not have left the Habs for financial reasons

Jeff Drouin
January 13, 2022  (7:12 PM)

Phillip Danault (Kings) and Alexander Radulov (Stars) have left their mark on the hearts of Canadiens fans in their own way during their time in Montreal.

Many speculations have been made over the years as to why they left the team.
The reason that comes up the most? The famous high tax rate in Montreal.
However, Michel Roy, a lawyer and tax specialist by profession, spoke to 91.9 Sports about the two former Habs players with Martin Lemay. According to him, their departure is not related to money.
Let's recall that Alexander Radulov chose the Dallas Stars' offer at the time, which was $500,000 more than the Habs' offer.
Lemay asked Mr. Roy if this amount made a big difference in terms of taxation.
"I wouldn't think so. There must have been other considerations about him going to Dallas." - Michel Roy
On the subject of Phillip Danault, it seems to be a similar situation. He didn't leave because of the tax rate, which may seem high in Montreal.
Remember that the tax rate in California is VERY high.
"He probably didn't get a big tax break. I don't think that was the reason for his decision."
Obviously, there are other reasons that push players out of Montreal. Lemay and Roy also addressed this topic.
Michel Roy answered THE famous killer question.
"Is it true that the Habs always have to pay their players 3 or 4 million more because of taxes?" -Martin Lemay
The professional tax expert answered as follows:
"It's a myth! They have no business paying that much. They have to pay more to attract players, but for other reasons.
Mr. Roy was referring to the fact that the Tricolore is having trouble having success on a consistent basis.
"As we all know, as a hockey fan, winning is the key to everything.
The win absolutely! I can't say he's wrong. A successful team is always going to attract the attention of other players. That's not new. For all the prestige the Habs has, especially because of its history, not being able to attract talented players is a pretty obvious shortcoming, and has been for quite some time.
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