The 2021 draft makes the Montreal Canadiens look good in hindsight!

Published January 3, 2022 at 4:40 PM

Probably the biggest highlight of the Montreal Canadiens' latest draft was their first round selection, which was the controversial Logan Mailloux.

This selection threw a wrench into the heads of fans, as well as the hockey world.

However, we must look beyond this negative media wave. The CH has made some truly brilliant moves that made the organization look good, in a way.

Four of these five prospects, Joshua Roy (5th round), Xavier Simoneau (6th round), Riley Kidney (2nd round) and William Trudeau (4th round) were selected in 2021.

Joshua Roy leads the Habs junior prospects scoring column with 47 points in 27 games. On the other hand, William Trudeau leads the Habs' junior defensive prospects in scoring with 25 points in 31 games.

Pretty impressive, huh?

Say what you will about Trevor Timmins, he did a great job in the last draft, if you exclude the first round, which is a big question mark. Logan Mailloux is a good hockey player, it remains to be seen if the new management will want to move on with him, considering his past.

Here is also a chart of the Habs prospects in front of the net:

Here is the one for the defensemen:

The Habs has some nice projects on hand, we shouldn't forget about them.
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