Suzuki met with Kent Hughes to vent and talk about his frustrations with the team

Published February 13, 2023 at 10:39

It's been a few months since Nick Suzuki was named captain of the Montreal Canadiens, and so far he's certainly fulfilling his role.

He is performing well on the ice (42 points in 53 games), he is very involved in the community, he is a good leader and he has even had time to improve his French in a very impressive way.

It's quite an adjustment for him to become captain of the greatest team in NHL history.

Suzuki is well aware of the current reality of the club, and he wants the good of the organization in the long term, but that doesn't stop him from worrying about short-term success and he has made that clear to management.

As reported by our colleagues at Fanadiens and, in a recent interview Suzuki admitted that it has been far from easy this season with the team's results.

He even revealed that he has gone to Kent Hughes on several occasions to talk about his frustrations.

Suzuki and Hughes had one of those meetings recently, and you can already see the impact.

We love it. It says a lot about Hughes, who clearly has strong communication with his captain, and it says a lot about Suzuki, who clearly hates to lose, even in the current context.

It's great to see that there is a direct connection between Hughes and his young captain.

Suzuki also added this in his recent interview (about his inspirations and Shea Weber):

"Shea had many leadership qualities. He had the utmost respect for everyone. Respect is what I work on as a captain." - Nick Suzuki

Clearly, we seem to have named the right captain!

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Suzuki met with Kent Hughes to vent and talk about his frustrations with the team

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