Suzuki and Dvorak could become the first since Koivu and Plekanec

Published September 10, 2021 at 10:09

The Montreal Canadiens now have a true first line center in Nick Suzuki and a perfect second line center in Christian Dvorak. This promising future pair could add a chapter to the history books of the beloved Habs, by joining Saku Koivu and Tomas Plekanec in a very specific category. Suzuki and D-Vo could become the first two centers to reach the 20-goal plateau during the Carey Price era.

The former number 11 captain and the man in a turtleneck achieved that feat back in 2006-07. Koivu topped that season with 75 points, including 22 goals, while "Pleky" responded with 47 points, including 20 goals. What's worse is that Suzuki and Dvorak's numbers could certainly look like this by the end of the next regular season.

If we look at the progression of the two current first pair of center of the Red, White, and Blue, it allows us to believe that both will achieve this feat, barring a serious injury. In 2021, number 14 has flashed the red light 15 times in 56 games. Out of 82, that would have been 22 goals. In the case of the man who will proudly wear number 28, he beat the opposing goaltender 17 times (in 56 games) last season. This would have made 25 in 82 games.

We know that Suzuki will be playing with Cole Caufield, which will most likely allow him to have a great offensive season. For Dvorak, he will have quality linemates as well, unlike the ones he had with the Arizona Coyotes. D-Vo has a smoking shot and magic hands, which could allow him to score between 25 and 30 goals in his first year in his new uniform. So we could be in for a treat in the 2021-22 season... It's a shame we're going into this one with only 7500 fans in the stands, isn't it?
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