Surprising statement on Allen's future following the major announcement regarding Carey Price

Published August 22, 2022 at 5:17 PM

We already know that Carey Price will not be in net for the Montreal Canadiens next season. We also know that he will be placed on the long-term injured list and that his career is possibly over.

Even if the number 31 will have to be absent for a very long time, it hurts, but Martin St-Louis will be able to count on Jake Allen who seems to have recovered from the injury that made him miss several games in 2021-2022.

We must say that Allen is an excellent plan B and he has been very useful to the Habs over the last two seasons.

However, as reported by J.B. Gagné of GoHabsGo, it could very well be that next season will be the last for #34 in Montreal.

Even with Carey out of the picture.

According to Eric Macramalla of TSN, Kent Hughes could very well trade his goalie and it would have absolutely nothing to do with Price's status.

His salary of $2.875 million per season for two more years makes him very attractive to teams looking for a solution in front of the net.

There have been several rumors over the past few weeks and, according to Macramalla, whatever the news is about Price, it doesn't have that much impact on Jake Allen. Interesting.

He explains that he's still a veteran goalie, whose contract is expiring, and who is playing for a rebuilding team. He could absolutely be traded anyway, especially if it allows Kent Hughes to move forward with his rebuild and get his hands on a high quality pick or prospect.

It remains to be seen now if Jake Allen could be traded before the season starts or at the trade deadline, but with one year left on his contract in 2023-2024, his value probably won't decrease as the season progresses.

To be continued.

Also, do you think Allen could still be traded?

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Surprising statement on Allen's future following the major announcement regarding Carey Price

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