Surprise Add for the Montreal Canadiens Coming Soon? An Exciting Possibility Has Emerged

September 14, 2023  (10:12 PM)

There is no doubt that the spotlight will be on young David Reinbacher during the CH's rookie camp. People will definitely want to see how the organization's latest first-round pick fares and, above all, whether he can make up for the non-selection of Matvei Michkov.

On Monday, during his press conference, the Vice President of Hockey Operations, Jeff Gorton, mentioned that the plan for the young prospect is to have him play the next season in Europe. However, he might get the chance to play an exhibition game with the main team before returning to Switzerland.
So everyone takes it for granted that Reinbacher won't play with the Montreal Canadiens this season, but not so fast. We could have a very pleasant surprise addition at the end of the season.
With his Swiss team, EHC Kloten, the defenseman will have as his boss a former NHL (and CH) player, Larry Mitchell. The General Manager of the European team recently spoke with Éric Leblanc from **RDS**, and from what we understand, Reinbacher will be a key player for the team. Mitchell expects him to be a dominant defenseman playing more than 20 minutes per game and being present on the power play and on the second penalty kill unit.
As recently mentioned by Charles-Alexis Brisebois from the site **DLC**, Kloten will not be a top team this season as experts don't see the club reaching the playoffs. That's why Reinbacher's return to Switzerland, who is already one of the most talented defensemen on the team, is crucial.
Where are we going with this?
Well, if the experts' predictions are correct and his club does not make the playoffs, the young talent could be available by mid-March. It would therefore not be surprising if he came to North America to finish the season.
Depending on the situation, he could end the season with the main team in Montreal. However, he would be better suited in Laval. A David Reinbacher, with another year of professional hockey under his belt, joining the Rocket hot for the end of the campaign, would be incredible. He could grow with all the other young players of the club and thus develop a winning culture. Much like Jon Cooper's Tampa Bay Lightning did.
Imagine a Reinbacher / Hutson duo in Laval for the end of the season. We're already drooling over it!
Surprise Add for the Montreal Canadiens Coming Soon? An Exciting Possibility Has Emerged

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