Stéphane Waite openly criticized a decision by Kent Hughes

Published February 3, 2022 at 3:52 PM

During his most recent appearance on Jérémie Rainville's show, "Sortie de zone", Stéphane Waite shared his point of view on the management of the Jeff Petry file by Kent Hughes.

Let's recall that Kent Hughes openly admitted that the option of trading Jeff Petry was a very real possibility.

Host Jérémie Rainville asked Stéphane Waite the following question:

"Why do you think Kent Hughes spoke publicly about a possible Jeff Petry trade?"

Waite's answer created a reaction of surprise from the host...

"The lack of experience!" said Stéphane Waite.

It's a radical answer, but you can never blame the former CH goalie coach for not using his honesty.

Check out the rest of his explanation:

"It's rare that you're going to see a guy who's going to admit that. It seems to me that you're taking a little bit of power away from yourself, letting it be known that he's on the market and that you want to trade him. Everyone knows that, but by admitting it as well, you're showing your cards too quickly, in my opinion. Usually you say something like "if you want to get him, he's going to cost a lot of money, because we care about him too." That's how the "game" is played. Obviously, that's not the strategy he employs, so I was surprised honestly."

Obviously, the organization's desire to be completely transparent could be costly when potential trade talks occur. These are just opinions, but Waite makes a colossal point. It remains to be seen if the CH can get a decent return for number 26, despite the Kent Hughes proceedings.
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