Stéphane Waite makes a big statement about Brendan Gallagher

Published October 19, 2021 at 10:24

Stéphane Waite, who has been very vocal over the past few months, spoke out about the Montreal Canadiens' power play and he pointed to one thing that isn't working, Brendan Gallagher's presence on the massive offense.

In yesterday's practice, Gally was not on either of the Habs' power play lines, yet he has been averaging nearly three minutes per game on those units since the season started.

Then it's here that Waite enters the picture, who, during his usual column on 98.5 Sports, dropped this about the little number 11:

"But the power play, he (speaking of Gally) has never, ever scored. At some point you're going to have to move on because Gally, he's not a good passer and he's not a guy that takes up a lot of space in front of the net. I love Gally, he's quite a player, a great leader, but on the power play, it's not working..."

In the last two seasons, besides the one that just started, Gally scored four goals on the power play with an average of 2.01 per game, which is no small feat for a guy who scored 36 goals.
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