Meetings between Geoff Molson and Patrick Roy: important new details revealed

Published October 18, 2021 at 10:09 PM

Last night, we learned that according to some rumors, Patrick Roy and Geoff Molson met twice last spring at the Hilton Hotel in Quebec.

A few more details were divulged about this by Dan Pou on CHOI 98.5.

"I have someone I know very well, who was approached by Patrick Roy over the summer to go work with the Habs, if he ever gets the job. If it ever happens, the phrase was basically, are you coming? ", mentioned Dan Pou.

That kind of statement could leave a huge clue that Patrick Roy and Geoff Molson actually met last spring. Why would Patrick Roy have bothered to contact this person if he hadn't had talks with Molson during those famous meetings?

The return of Marc Bergevin is less and less likely, if you read between the lines.

Patrick Roy with the Montreal Canadiens: yes or no?

Credit: RDT
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