Cole Caufield could get pushed around by Brendan Gallagher eventually...

Jeff Drouin
October 18, 2021  (5:19 PM)

Since the beginning of the season, the Montreal Canadiens have run out of steam offensively. The team has scored only three goals in three games. The organization has high expectations for its young players, notably Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, who are slow to find a rhythm together. They have not collected any points since the beginning of the season, and it's the same for Tyler Toffoli.

Could Dominique Ducharme be tempted to separate them eventually, should the slump continue? Alexandre Picard, analyst for TVA Sports and former NHL defenseman, thinks so.
According to him, to revive the Habs offense, Dom Ducharme doesn't really need to keep the young wolves together. Gallagher could be a better option than Caufield alongside Suzuki, considering his contribution. Gallagher is a sure thing on the ice, unlike number 22.
"We don't necessarily need to keep them together," said the former NHL defenseman. "At the beginning of the season, it's maybe time to try other combinations. Gallagher is on the third line right now. We know what he's going to do every night. It would be possible to put him in Caufield's spot."
However, in my opinion, if you move Caufield down in your lineup, he may not be as effective. He won't dislodge Anderson from the second line, that's for sure. So Caufield might end up on a third unit, a scenario I don't particularly like. Caufield is the kind of player who will bring his own special brand of skill by being placed in offensive situations.
Already he has been relegated to the second unit on the power play, if he were to move from the three, it could affect his play, or even his confidence.
It's not all bad news these days though. The second trio of Jonathan Drouin, Josh Anderson and Christian Dvorak is working considerably. Drouin has been back on track this year, and that's always good.
"He's having a good start to the season. He has great chemistry with Dvorak and Anderson. You can tell he's confident and light on his skates. I would also say that he is the best forward on the Habs. It's really nice to see him go and I hope it continues for him", said Alexandre Picard.
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