Stephane Waite is worried about Carey Price and reveals his biggest fear

Published April 27, 2022 at 11:52

While Carey Price had shown great things in his first two starts of the season, it has been much more difficult for him in his last two games.

No. 31 has allowed 12 goals in two games, and as my colleague Christian Matte of reports, his former goaltending coach, Stephane Waite, didn't shy away from saying he's worried about his former protege on the Exit Zone podcast.

"There, what worried me a lot was the last game against Ottawa. There, I saw signs, three or four sequences, and even, to be sure, I watched the game again this morning. I noticed some spots in the game where he doesn't look comfortable with his knee. I don't know if he hurt his knee again or instinctively he's protecting his knee. That's what worries me the most."

"All that to say, it's still four games in eight days, it's a lot, a lot for a goalkeeper who is in shape and playing a lot. But even more for a player who is coming back after nine months of a serious injury. So, maybe we went too fast, too much in a week."

For his part, La Presse journalist Guillaume Lefrançois said that Price's goal is to return to an acceptable level of play and that he will not accept becoming a liability for the organization. And that could mean that Jake Allen will be very important for the next season.

"If Price comes back next year, I feel like that settles Jake Allen. The Habs are going to need Jake Allen, because, it's clear, clear, clear to everyone that he (Price) won't play 60 more games. Even looking at that, you have to wonder if it's not going to be 45 - 37 job sharing. The number two guy is going to be very much in demand next year."

But for now, one has to wonder if Price has returned to the game too quickly, and some experts are increasingly beginning to worry about what will happen next in his case.

Number 31 accompanied the team to New York to meet with the doctor who operated on him last summer, and it is unclear whether he will be in front of his team's net for the final game of the season on Friday at the Bell Centre against the Florida Panthers.

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Stephane Waite is worried about Carey Price and reveals his biggest fear

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