José Théodore sees red flags everywhere and thinks something is wrong with Carey Price

Jeff Drouin
April 27, 2022  (8:57)

Since his return to the game, Carey Price still hasn't enjoyed a victory, but we must say that his last two games have not reassured anyone. Not only has he allowed 12 goals in two games, but the way he moves on the ice has worried many experts. Among them is a former Canadiens goaltender, a certain Jose Theodore.

As reported by Max Truman of Danslescoulisses.com, the former Canadiens goaltender, who is now a columnist for the Journal de Montréal, was very pessimistic about Price's future in his latest column. He even went so far as to say that it could be the end of the career of number 31 in the NHL.
"I'm worried and I see red flags everywhere. In fact, this is the worst-case scenario, aside from announcing a permanent retirement [...] In the last two games, against the Flyers and Senators, he wasn't moving like the goalie we know."

Theodore even said that in his opinion, the way Price was moving in the last two games is nothing to reassure the fans, as well as the team's leaders.
It's obvious that something is wrong physically and this is the worst case scenario. Price has taken his time to get healthy; after only four games, he's out [...] It's alarming and I honestly don't see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Quite disturbing words from the former goalie of the Habs. In addition, he wonders why Price did not choose to rest in Ottawa, rather than be in front of the net the next day at home, the night we paid tribute to Guy Lafleur?
"I don't know a number one goalie who would have wanted to miss such an opportunity to play in front of his fans at the Bell Centre. There haven't been many special games this season and this was one of them. Maybe Price wasn't in a position to play this game [...] The only other reason for playing Price on Saturday is that he wasn't confident in his ability and would rather risk a bad night in Ottawa than in Montreal in front of his fans."

Could this smell like the end for Carey Price? We hope not obviously.
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José Théodore sees red flags everywhere and thinks something is wrong with Carey Price

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