Stéphane Waite breaks down the Canadiens' players again

Published November 8, 2021 at 8:38 PM

It's hard to explain exactly what's wrong with the Montreal Canadiens right now. However, several hypotheses are making headlines, such as a possible lack of pure talent, depth on defense or even leadership.

For the team's former goalie coach, Stéphane Waite, it's the latter that's wrong with the team. On the air at 98.5 Sports, Waite went so far as to say that there were only three true leaders in the organization, even calling the other players followers.

Ouch! That's quite an arrow Waite just sent to the Canadiens players, and mainly to Josh Anderson, Ben Chiarot and other Jake Allen, who are also seen by some as veterans with some form of leadership.

This obvious lack in the organization could be the reason why Shea Weber is still considered as the captain of the team, even though he might never play in the NHL again...

In short, it is obviously difficult to replace the losses of Weber, Phillip Danault, as well as the absence of Carey Price within a locker room, but this does not make the team's results any more acceptable, and a solution will have to be found quickly to fill this need.
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