François Gagnon continues to mock the Canadiens

Published November 8, 2021 at 7:26 PM

With a very poor record of 3-10-0 and a minus-19 differential, it is to be expected that the multitude of journalists covering the Canadiens' activities will throw the pot instead of the flowers towards the organization. After a Stanley Cup Final appearance, this is the worst start to a season that fans could have hoped for.

François Gagnon took the liberty of mocking the Tricolore on 91.9 Sports. After having flayed Romanov last week, the journalist came back to the charge by putting all the players through the wringer. "Facing the Habs is a joke. This club is too fragile!"

Obviously, the more the losses accumulate, the more his words make sense. It will take a complete turnaround in this group of players for the team to start winning on a more regular basis.

What would be the element that could drastically change the situation for the Tricolore? The return of Carey Price? A monster trade? What would you do if you were in Marc Bergevin's shoes right now?
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