Some players are apparently willing to commit the unthinkable to go to the Olympics

Published January 2, 2022 at 9:10 PM

While the NHL's decision to withdraw from the Beijing Olympic Games was made to encourage the resumption of games cancelled as a result of covid-19 outbreaks, it was far from being unanimous.

Many players, like Brad Marchand, for example, even expressed their displeasure in person, reminding them of how the Olympics represented the opportunity of a life for them, and this frustration would apparently go even further than one could imagine.

Indeed, Elliotte Friedman revealed VERY surprising details about this case, who says that some players would have even considered the idea of retiring from the NHL to go represent their country at the Olympics and then make their return to the Bettman circuit at the end of the tournament!

Friedman adds, however, that even if the idea crossed their minds, no player would likely take such a risk, especially since Gary Bettman and the NHL's decision-making committee would categorically refuse to be fooled by this scheme.

In other words, the idea may be surreal, but it is a perfect example of the importance that many players attach to the Olympic Games, especially when it is potentially their last opportunity to participate, like Brad Marchand.
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