What if the Montreal Canadiens said "no" to Shea Weber?

Published January 2, 2022 at 5:39 PM

The chances of seeing Shea Weber play NHL hockey again are EXTREMELY slim. This one has suffered an upper-body injury that is compromising his hockey career.

He is currently on the long term injured list due to this injury.

Earlier this season, Jonathan Drouin even talked about retirement for the Tricolore captain.

However, Grant McCagg, a former scout, has raised a possibility that may cause many to react.

The Canadiens are currently in a great position to get a very high draft pick in 2022. Their odds of winning the Shane Wright lottery are good.

And should the Habs have another down season next year, they will certainly want to do everything they can to get the very talented Connor Bedard, who is considered to be the next generational player.

What would the staff do in such a situation? Stay loyal to the captain or choose the good of the organization first? Big dilemma. Either way, Jeff Gorton and the next GM will have some big decisions to make.
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