Some believe that Jonathan Drouin's annual golf tournament might be awkward...

Published August 26, 2021 at 4:07 PM

Every year, some members of the Montreal Canadiens organization hold their annual golf tournament to raise money for foundations. This was the case for Dominique Ducharme this morning, where the Habs' head coach is raising money for his foundation, with the goal of helping youth with little income in the Joliette area.

One of the biggest highlights of Dominique Ducharme's golf tournament was without a doubt the presence of Jonathan Drouin. Not surprisingly, he did not speak to the media. Whatever the case, it's legitimate. Drouin is likely coming back from a difficult phase on a personal level, having left the team last year in a hurry.

Drouin also has his annual golf tournament to raise money, but for the CHUM, which will be held on August 31. Again, not surprisingly, Drouin will not be speaking to the media during the event. It's still special to see an organizer who won't be in the spotlight, but does it really matter? The important thing is to raise a considerable amount of money for a good cause, right? The Balle Courbe website certainly didn't think so... Is this an inappropriate publication? Maybe a little, yes!


We understand this decision from Drouin, considering the situation in which he finds himself. Yes, he's looks in great shape, but he doesn't seem ready to talk publicly yet. That's his right! He's human and like everyone else, he has the right to heal at his own pace. Let's give him some time, the public release of the Quebecer should come sooner rather than later, but only when he is ready.
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