Dominique Ducharme gave an update on Jonathan Drouin

Published August 26, 2021 at 2:27 PM

This morning, Dominique Ducharme was holding his annual golf tournament in Joliette, Quebec. He had many guests, including a very special trio.

According to Anthony Marcotte's information, Jonathan Drouin, Josh Anderson and Laurent Dauphin all arrived at their head coach's tournament together. I will call them the three musketeers or even the trio of inseparables!

During his press conference, Ducharme took the opportunity to give his impressions and an update on Jonathan Drouin. According to the instructor, number 92 is in great shape.

"He is calm, confident, in great shape and very excited to be back in the game. He can't wait to show everyone what he can do."

Although Drouin left the Montreal organization last year after 44 regular season games, he has by no means abandoned his teammates. They think highly of him.

"He kept in touch with the guys throughout his departure. His teammates have too, because they really care about him. He's a good guy and the players really like him. Even though he wasn't with us during the last playoff run, he was a part of it in some way. The important thing for him now is to take care of himself, which is to be ready mentally and physically."

These are very reassuring words from Ducharme. We all look forward to seeing our national Jo Drouin on the ice again.

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Remember that a jersey company wanted to show all their support for Drouin by designing a t-shirt in his honor ⬇️

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