Small change in the Montreal Canadiens' picks for the next draft

Published June 2, 2022 at 3:20 PM

Many of you are closely following the news surrounding the famous 2022 NHL draft, which will be held in Montreal.

Many fans have carefully noted the exact picks that the Montreal Canadiens have, and the exact rank of the last ones, in order to follow everything and to put themselves in the shoes of the GM Kent Hughes.

It's always fun to look at the big picture, looking for trade possibilities, to move up or down, or to simply try to predict the Tricolore's final selections.

Anyway, on that note, there's a bit of a change in the Montreal Canadiens' picks in the upcoming draft. (this is a situation that applies to every team)

Effectively, since Bill Guerin and the Minnesota Wild decided to release their former 2018 first round pick, Filip Johansson, they are entitled to a free second round pick, in 2022, as compensation. (because they never signed him)

As our colleagues at well explain, in the Wild's case, Johansson was drafted 24th in the first round. So the Wild will get the 24th pick in the second round, which means 56th overall. (that's what the rules say).

So please note that, all of Montreal's 2022 draft picks, from the 56th overall, will move back one spot. There will be 33 second round picks.

This is a first in over 7 years in the NHL.

This is actually exactly what the Montreal Canadiens could do, if the organization decides to let Logan Mailloux go and not sign him. Details here:

If Kent Hughes decides not to sign Mailloux (31st overall in 2021), the Habs would get a compensatory pick at 31st in the second round of the next draft.

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Small change in the Montreal Canadiens' picks for the next draft

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