Slafkovsky sent to the Laval Rocket? Here's what Kent Hughes is waiting for and a big decision will have to be made soon

Jeff Drouin
October 17, 2022  (11:05 PM)

In a recent article, journalist Eric Engels reveals the Montreal Canadiens' possible plan with young Juraj Slafkovsky.

The thinking is that the CH would keep Slafkovsky in the NHL for a little while longer, before eventually sending him back to the American Hockey League to join the Laval Rocket.
Why keep him in Montreal? For how long?
The goal would be to keep him with the Montreal Canadiens and under the supervision of Martin St-Louis for a while longer, while we figure out what the kid needs to improve.
The CH management would not want to send him back to Laval just to send him back to Laval.
If Slafkovsky is indeed assigned to the Rocket, it will be to allow him to work on very specific aspects of his game.
"Juraj Slafkovsky will probably get some time in the AHL at some point. But the Canadiens probably won't send him there until they expose him to more NHL hockey to help him establish the habits they want to see in his game." - Eric Engels

Playing in the NHL, against the best in the world, clearly allows him to see his strengths and weaknesses.
For example, as Charles-Alexis BriseBois mentions, Slafkovsky clearly doesn't seem to shoot the net enough.
He also seems to lack confidence around the opposing net.
If he plays for the Rocket, he'll definitely have the puck on his stick a lot more often, in scoring positions, and that could really be beneficial for him.
Basically, the kid is still being evaluated, and there is absolutely no rush to send him to the AHL because he is not downgraded to the NHL at all, but it could be good for his development to dominate offensively.
When Joel Armia returns to action (in a few days), it could obviously be decision time for Kent Hughes, and that could be the time when "Slaf" would possibly join the Laval Rocket.
A big decision will have to be made by Kent Hughes when Armia is back healthy, probably as soon as this week.
If not, the right time will simply be the day when Martin St-Louis and Kent Hughes know exactly what the young Slovakian will have to work on.
Either way, let's trust them. They know what they are doing. To be continued!
What would you do if it was your decision?
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Slafkovsky sent to the Laval Rocket? Here's what Kent Hughes is waiting for and a big decision will have to be made soon

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