A big change of heart for Carey Price?

Jeff Drouin
October 17, 2022  (7:54 PM)

In his appearance of the day on TVA Sports, former Montreal Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien addressed the Carey Price issue.

Obviously, number 31 will most likely not play this season, and his career seems to be over.
However, see what we find in an article just published by TVA Sports:
"The warm ovation he received from Canadiens fans before the opening game last Wednesday could prompt him to reconsider undergoing another surgery, which general manager Kent Hughes said is necessary for a possible return."

Wow, so Price could possibly change his mind?
There is also Michel Therrien who actually mentioned this hypothesis during his column with JiC.
"There's no better audience than the one in Montreal to recognize great athletes and those who have given their all for the organization. I was talking about this with a friend who is pretty close to Carey. With all due respect, I don't know if the standing ovation and reception he received from the crowd has made him change his mind and ask himself if it's worth it to have surgery and continue playing (It's possible!). Maybe his mind is made up and he won't come back to the game, but, fingers crossed, maybe the crowd's reaction put a question mark in his head."

Therrien knows Carey well, and he was quick to note how deeply touched and motivated Price was by that famous monster ovation just before the opening game.
Recall that we recently learned that, in order to hope for a miraculous return to play, Carey Price will have to agree to undergo a risky and never-before-attempted surgery on an NHL goalie.
Interesting comments from Michel Therrien, and everything indicates that the reflection continues for the great Carey Price.
Price tempted by a return? "Maybe his mind is made up, but..."

- JiC TVA Sports

In any case, we wish him the best decision, for him and for his well-being. It is a major choice.
For details and for his full comments:
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A big change of heart for Carey Price?

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