Slafkovsky is disappointed with his day and some experts are already calling him a «BUST»

Published July 12, 2022 at 7:56

As you know, today, the young Juraj Slafkovsky gave his first skate with the Montreal Canadiens and there were many curious people.

Check out one of the very first videos that started circulating earlier today:

Why are we showing you this? Because, unfortunately, many supporters have used this ordinary 43-second Slafkovsky clip to already proclaim him a "flop". It's pretty incredible when you think about it.

At least the kid clearly seems to have the character to face the music, but we need to calm down. (That's the point of the article and the intervention)

"NHL teams should take note and hire all the "experts" who proclaim Juraj Slafkovsky to be a flop, after watching a 40-second video clip of him at the start of a development camp... As Carey Price says, "Relax. Relax; we have a lot of time."" - Priyanta Emrith

Well said! It's true that Slafkovsky had a pretty rough first day, by his own admission, he's disappointed with that first day, but let's calm down.

"Juraj Slafkovsky wanted to make a good first impression, but says that in his opinion, day 1 of the development camp did not go too well for him, but he is sure that his performance will improve for the remaining days of this camp." - Priyanta Emrith

He continued:

"Juraj Slafkovsky, on what didn't go well for him today: 'It was a tougher start; I'm still a little tired from what happened (over the last few days) and I got all the new equipment so it was tough but that's no excuse - I have to be better, whatever." - Priyanta Emrith

Clearly, the kid has the right attitude, and that's what it takes, especially with all the "experts" on the web who overanalyze the few video clips that come through. Instead of criticizing that, Slafkovsky loves it and says it's always been a dream for him to play in such an intense and passionate market.

So yes, Slafkovsky had a tough first day and he knows it, but can we give him more than a week before we say it's a bad choice. One thing is for sure, if he wasn't particularly impressive on the ice, he was (once again) very impressive off the ice.

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Slafkovsky is disappointed with his day and some experts are already calling him a «BUST»

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