Sidney Crosby sends a message to Gary Bettman and the Commissioner responds

Published February 5, 2023 at 4:11 PM

Since the 2013-2014 season, the NHL has used a divisional playoff format. This format has repeatedly shown its shortcomings as at least one of the top teams in the conference (if not two) will be eliminated in the first round, making the competition much less exciting as the playoffs progress.

Many would like to see the league go back to the old system, the 1-8 format, where the 1st team in the Association plays the 8th team, the 2nd team plays the 7th team and so on. One of the last to have this wish is none other than Sidney Crosby.

The captain of the Penguins and one of the biggest names in the league in recent years said so at the
the league in the last few years said it during the All-Star Weekend

"I like 1-on-8," Crosby, the Penguins captain, said of the top-ranked team facing the lowest-ranked team." - Sidney Crosby

In addition to eliminating the wild cards, this format would reward teams that have had a good season by having them play a worse team. The current format effectively puts no emphasis or advantage on the regular season beyond making the playoffs.

"Teams should be rewarded for the regular season, which is very difficult. I would say that's probably the best way to be rewarded. I like that version a little better." - Sidney Crosby

For his part, Gary Bettman responded by saying that changing the playoff format is not so simple.

"You also have to look at changing the rankings of additional teams," he said. You have to start looking at matchups in terms of how often everyone plays everyone else. That involves a whole host of other issues." - Gary Bettman

Bettman's assistant, Bill Daly, even added some mentioning that a survey of the league's GMs two years ago found that two-thirds of them agreed with the current formula...

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Sidney Crosby sends a message to Gary Bettman and the Commissioner responds

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