Major revelation concerning Milan Lucic and the Montreal Canadiens

Published February 5, 2023 at 11:42

While the Montreal Canadiens have been on vacation for a few days now, it's been pretty quiet on the news surrounding the team, but it's allowed some people to make some interesting revelations about acquisitions that the Habs have been seriously trying to make over the past few years.

In that same summer, in addition to trading PK Subban, in addition to acquiring Shea Weber, in addition to trying to acquire Steven Stamkos, now a new piece of information has just surfaced.

As HABSolumentFan reports, that summer, Marc Bergevin attempted another big acquisition.

Milan Lucic just confirmed that he was close to a deal with the Montreal Canadiens at the time. Wow!

After amassing a solid 55 points with the Los Angeles Kings, Lucic was a free agent and Marc Bergevin made him a solid contract offer. (and he was very interested in Montreal, according to him)

Lucic even went so far as to say that everything was in place for his arrival with the Habs, but a certain Connor McDavid finally created a big turnaround.

Lucic finally signed a lucrative 7-year, $6 million a year contract with the Edmonton Oilers to play alongside the then 19-year-old phenom McDavid.

Since that signing, Lucic has amassed 181 points and 433 penalty minutes in 496 games.

The Montreal Canadiens can thank the Edmonton Oilers because Lucic's contract would have been a huge liability for the organization.

This contract is considered one of the worst in the NHL for more than five years. It would have really hurt the Tricolore's payroll.

"Lucic in a Montreal Canadiens uniform?

He said it almost happened. When he was a free agent in 2016, he had several in-depth calls with Bergevin and everything was in place to sign a contract with the Habs.

But in the end, he said it wasn't natural after playing so many years in Boston." - Dropping the Gloves


Credit: HABSolumentFan
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Major revelation concerning Milan Lucic and the Montreal Canadiens

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