Shocking statement regarding the future of Logan Mailloux in the NHL

Published May 11, 2023 at 11:32

Those who follow prospects' activities on the sidelines of various drafts know that Simon Boisvert, also known as the "Snake," has an opinion that does not always resonate with everyone. He enjoys going against the current, and his draft rankings always surprise.

Recently, he was invited to Tony Marinaro's podcast and stayed true to himself. Indeed, he shared his opinion, which will surely spark discussion, regarding young Logan Mailloux. His verdict is that the Canadiens' prospect is not as good as people think.

"We should practically disregard the young player's production this year because he was 'playing in his 20-year-old season," said Simon Boisvert.

With the London Knights in the OHL this season, Mailloux accumulated 53 points (25 goals) in 57 regular-season games. He added 17 points (six goals) in 15 playoff games. He will have the opportunity to add more as his team faces Owen Beck's team in the OHL Junior League's grand final.

As for Boisvert's remarks, they are somewhat preemptively inaccurate.

As Marc-Olivier Cook from the site DLC , Mailloux just turned 20 (last April 15th). So, at the time of writing, he will have only played 9 of the 15 playoff games during his 20-year-old season.

On the podcast, host Tony Marinaro affirms that the defenseman has all the tools, including his physique, skating, and shot, to become a good player in the NHL.

It will undoubtedly take time, but for now, Mailloux has taken a huge step forward this season. We recall that he only played 12 games last season. He initially missed the beginning of the 2021-2022 season until January 1, 2022, due to a league-imposed suspension for off-ice behavior. He then suffered an injury during a fight, which caused him to miss the end of his campaign.

In a recent episode of La Poche Bleue, Michel Therrien, who was an assistant coach with the Philadelphia Flyers at the time, revealed that his team had Mailloux ranked very high in 2021. However, his off-ice scandal cooled off the organization's owners in Pennsylvania.

"Often, when there is controversy and it can become delicate, it's the owners who make the final decision," coach Therrien added. "In Geoff Molson's case, he was honest; he didn't expect the consequences it caused. Many teams would have drafted him even earlier, but the young player asked not to be drafted. The teams accepted that... On the Flyers' side, Comcast, it was out of the question to take the chance of drafting a player who could have caused negativity for the company. That's what I was told."

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Shocking statement regarding the future of Logan Mailloux in the NHL

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