Shocking Statement from a Montreal Canadiens Recruiter when Asked About Matvei Michkov

Published July 7, 2023 at 5:31 PM

My colleague Keven Mawn has made a very interesting find.

In a recent interview with Tony Marinaro, on his podcast, Georges Laraque reported some very interesting pieces of information regarding what he saw and heard on-site during the 2023 NHL Draft in Nashville.

Laraque was there and he chatted with a lot of people. He indeed saw and heard a lot of things.

The famous Michkov file

The famous topic of Matvei Michkov not being selected by the Montreal Canadiens was discussed.

He notably mentioned that if it had been his choice, he would have drafted Michkov, and indeed, at the airport, Georges confronted a recruiter from the Canadiens regarding the decision to ignore Michkov.

The recruiter provided a very interesting response:

"At the airport, on the way back, I won't say his name, but let's just say I had a debate with a recruiter from the Canadiens.

He started to tell me that to win championships in the 2000s, it starts with defense. But if you look at the current defense of the Canadiens with Hutson and Mailloux coming up, I think we are good enough in this department.

Then he told me that culture is really important in the organization. He also told me that if you have a bad apple in this culture, you won't win." - Georges Laraque

Wow! So, that explains why the Canadiens did not draft Michkov. It must be said that the term "bad apple in a locker room and/or for a culture" is quite strong.

You can guess that it is causing a lot of buzz in the comments.

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Shocking Statement from a Montreal Canadiens Recruiter when Asked About Matvei Michkov

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