Shea Weber had quite a message for the Montreal Canadiens fans

Published June 17, 2022 at 3:58 PM

We all expected Shea Weber to be traded in the summer. However, few would have bet that he would be traded to the Vegas Golden Knights, who are already saturated in terms of payroll, for a forward who accumulated 43 points last season, namely Evgeny Dadonov.

This Friday, the former CH captain had a message to thank the fans of the organization for which he played during five seasons.

"It is the dream of every kid who grew up playing hockey in Canada to play in the NHL. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have not only achieved that dream, but to have had the chance to do it for a Canadian team and as a member of one of the original six teams.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined playing for the Montreal Canadiens, let alone being named captain of that team. Putting on that legendary jersey every night was one of the greatest honours of my career, and something I cherished every time I had the opportunity.

I want to thank my teammates, the coaches, the management, the entire organization, Geoff Molson and the Molson family, the Montreal media and most importantly the fans who have welcomed me and my family and made this city a second home.

Montreal will always have a place in my heart.

Thank you for everything.

Shea Weber"

The story doesn't say, however, if he plans to return to the game in the next few years or if he'll be cashing his paycheck from the Knights (or the insurance company) until he retires.

We can say, though, that even though he didn't play last season, he gave everything to the Montreal organization.

A real one, as they say!

Thanks Shea!

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Shea Weber had quite a message for the Montreal Canadiens fans

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