Sharks management turned a blind eye to Evander Kane

Published August 11, 2021 at 12:22

The Evander Kane file is very, very hot right now. It's even hotter than the California sun. This guy is simply not welcome in the locker room anymore, as previously reported... As we reported here a few days ago, an agent indicated that some of his Sharks clients no longer wanted to see Kane's face in the team's environment.

But it goes even further than that. A ton of players have repeatedly shown up in Doug Wilson's office to force him to get that pile of mud out of the locker room as soon as possible.

"Guys have been going into Doug's office all year saying Kane has to go. All Doug was saying was that all teams have locker room problems, which is not true. Not the teams that are winning, anyway. The Sharks ignored it all. The team turned a blind eye," according to the agent in question.

On top of that, late in the season, Kane and assistant coach Rocky Thompson came close to grabbing each other in a meeting after a discussion about Kane's role on the offense. His teammates were furious because Kane could do whatever he wanted without getting slapped on the wrist. Veterans like Joe Pavelski and Joe Thornton are sorely missed on this team... Those two were able to contain Kane.

With all the hoopla around Kane, who is really going to want to add him to their core? A team that wants to reach the highest level can't afford to have this kind of personality in its environment!
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