Sharks and Oilers on the verge of a historic and unusual trade?

Published June 10, 2022 at 9:47

Now that the Edmonton Oilers are officially eliminated from the NHL playoffs, it was time to take stock and one of the files that is getting a lot of attention is Evander Kane.

Remember that the Oilers signed him, at 1.375 million, to finish the season, after he was terminated by the Sharks.

The league wanted to give Kane, the Oilers and the Sharks time to finish the season, but now that all parties are on vacation, they have to tackle a very complex issue.

What is it? Well, let's remember that Kane and the NHLPA have filed a grievance, against the Sharks, regarding the termination of the above mentioned contract (a 7 million per season pact, valid until 2025)

There will be a hearing soon, to rule on this, and if Kane wins the grievance, the Sharks will have to pay him what he is due. (according to the terms of his contract)

On top of that, Kane would technically be owned by the San Jose Sharks again. Basically, it would nullify the termination of the contract and, if the Sharks wanted to "get rid of" him for good, they would have to trade him. (Or buy out his contract properly, with the penalties that come with it)

On the other hand, if the Sharks win the grievance, Kane will be able to sign anywhere he wants and will not receive any of his previous salary from the Sharks.


Edmonton GM Ken Holland made it clear in his post-season review that he is interested in bringing Evander Kane back to Edmonton.

If Kane loses his grievance, the Oilers will just have to sign him. However, if he wins, it could get very interesting.

Clearly, the Sharks will probably not want to bring him back to their lineup, after all the things his former teammates there said about him.

So we could see a historic, never seen before, trade come to fruition:

"The one thing that I think can be really crazy and historic about the whole Kane situation is: what happens if the referee decides that Kane should go back to San Jose? That could actually happen. If it does, does San Jose trade Evander Kane to the Oilers?" - Elliotte Friedman, Sportsnet

Imagine the scenario, it would be crazy. I don't remember ever seeing that as a situation.

Evander Kane (current Oilers player) could be traded, from the San Jose Sharks, to the Edmonton Oilers. All this while he is already an Edmonton player.

To be watched, but it could happen and look like this:

TO THE OILERS - Evander Kane

TO THE SHARKS - Future considerations (or a distant choice)

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Sharks and Oilers on the verge of a historic and unusual trade?

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