Shane Wright makes a very immature move and he's not exactly making a good impression in Seattle, according to a reporter

Published September 27, 2022 at 1:19 PM

While Juraj Slafkovsky is currently being scrutinized very closely in his first training camp with the Montreal Canadiens, the same is true for Shane Wright, who was passed over by Kent Hughes and his team at the draft.

Wright, who was long seen as the "logical" first overall pick in the 2022 draft, eventually slipped to fourth. He eventually ended up with the Seattle Kraken, and is currently playing his first training camp there.

Wright is already the talk of the town, and it's not positive.

Prior to the draft, there were some concerns about the kid's character and maturity, and those fears were confirmed at camp in Seattle.

As my colleague JB Gagné mentions, and as reported by Matthias Brunet during his recent segment on BPM Sports with Martin Lemay, Wright isn't making that much of an impression right now, due to some telling incidents.

"Shane Wright scored a nice goal in an intrasquad game with 10 seconds left, the winning goal. A typical shot, a good shot! And he (Kraken head coach Dave Hakstol) said, 'You remembered the goal and I remembered a lot of other things.' Feck that, I thought, ''I'll bring it back,'' that's good. I'm an open-minded person.

Just because people like Slafkovsky doesn't mean Wright isn't good or the other way around. That's the flower side. They said they were going to give him every chance to start in the National League.

But I was watching a podcast with the beat guy from Seattle and it seems that a couple of times on the ice during practice, he threw fits at the AHL coaches.

It worried him. At one point, Dan Bylsma gave an instruction and he looked at him and said, "What the hell is this? It's a little bit of a worry. It's primadonna! I'll give you both sides of the coin, but the guy on the podcast picked it up!" - Mathias Brunet

Imagine if he had done that in Montreal! It's very "star" and "I don't think I'm a Pepsi flat".

The point here is not to rehash a debate between Wright and Slafkovsky, but it's certainly noteworthy, especially coming from a player who could have actually been selected first overall by the Montreal Canadiens.

The kid still has time to mature, but it's the kind of behavior that makes us understand more why Kent Hughes opted for the big Slovak.


Source and full review: BPM Sports
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Shane Wright makes a very immature move and he's not exactly making a good impression in Seattle, according to a reporter

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