Shane Wright is compared to a player you know very well

Published June 18, 2022 at 9:31

The question of the hour in Quebec among hockey fans is certainly the following: Shane Wight or Juraj Slafvovsky?

With less than a month to go before the NHL draft, most experts are unable to predict which of these two players Kent Hughes will select in front of a full house at the Bell Centre on July 7.

For a certain Mathias Brunet, journalist at La Presse, his choice is made and if he were ever in Kent Hughes' shoes, he would opt for Slakovsky without hesitation.

The journalist was recently on 91.9 Sports in Montreal, where he works on a daily basis, and as reported by David St-Jean, of, he made another argument about why he prefers Slakovsky to Shane Wright.

"I compared Nick Suzuki and Shane Wright. They play the same way and have similar stats to their draft year. They are almost the same. Do we want two of the same?"

In his opinion, the two center players advocate too similar a style to play on the same team. To prove his point, he even analyzed videos of both players in their draft year.

If you just looked at the stats of both players in their draft year, and we have to say it, it's clear that there are similarities between the two.

In Suzuki's case, he had 96 points, including 45 goals, in 65 games with the Owen Sound Attack in the 2016-2017 season and was selected 13th overall by the Vegas Golden Knights.

As for Wright, we're talking 94 points in 63 games with the Kingston Frontencas, which is frankly similar. However, it should be mentioned that he scored 13 fewer goals this season than Suzuki did in his draft year.

In Wright's defense, he missed the entire 2020-2021 season due to the pandemic.

Well ok, both have similar stats at the junior level, but that doesn't mean they will necessarily have the same kind of career. So far, let's say that Suzuki is not bad at all as a hockey player and why not have two right-handed centers with similar style. One can learn from the other.

For this to happen, Kent Hughes will have to select Wright on July 7, which is not yet done.

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Shane Wright is compared to a player you know very well

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