Sad and disturbing revelations about Shea Weber

Published June 24, 2022 at 10:39

While many rumours have been circulating about the former Montreal Canadiens captain, Shea Weber, a player who is very well placed to talk about it, Pierre Gervais, wanted to clarify some things.

Pierre Gervais, the Tricolore's equipment manager until recently, had a front row seat to Weber's final skate and made some sad revelations on 98.5's Les Amateurs de sports:

"He was really banged up. I've rarely seen a guy have that much pain after a loss. I saw him have a lot of pain, but you could see it was really significant for him. I didn't know where his career was going to go, maybe he knew more, he suffered that guy. He suffered. Not about. Especially at his age."

Weber, who was one of the best at hiding his emotions, especially in public, was visibly destroyed, following the CH's loss in the Stanley Cup Grand Final against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Gervais goes on to explain how much Weber suffered to be able to play in those games in the Cup Final. His body was in terrible shape and he literally gave everything he had left (physically).

As for Shea Weber's role as captain during his time in Montreal, Gervais is unequivocal:

"He was such an amazing guy. I had been around him a little bit at the Olympics and more in depth with the Habs. He's a guy who has a presence, who looks you in the eye. He's a warrior, he's respectful. Everybody loves him. Shea, it's going to be hard to replace. Right now, you can't find his replacement."

We realize that many have probably greatly underestimated the impact of Weber's absence, for the CH, this season. No matter what we may have heard about him, in the media, we see it here. Weber gave everything for Montreal last year. Then, his body simply abandoned him.

Finally, Gervais spoke about the future captain and mentioned that you shouldn't give the "C" to a young player if he isn't ready. You can't take it lightly.

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Sad and disturbing revelations about Shea Weber

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