Ryan Reaves hinted that P.K. Subban was in for a rough time...

Published October 12, 2021 at 4:29 PM

A few days earlier, an unfortunate incident occurred involving defenseman P.K. Subban and tough guy Ryan Reaves.

From my angle, the gesture was not intentional and the NHL seems to have been on the same page, as Subban was not reprimanded for the gesture.

However, the new Ranger forward really disagreed with the fact that the move was deemed accidental. A reporter asked him if it was legal and Ryan Reaves was adamant.

"No, not really!"

Afterwards, Reaves didn't directly challenge the NHL's decision, but all signs point to him taking the law into his own hands. Just read between the lines. He's obviously holding a grudge! There is also the famous code between the players that is at stake.

Remember that Chris Kreider went after P.K. Subban in defense of his teammate, but the former Canadiens defenseman will likely have to pay for his action on Reaves when the Devils and Rangers meet. If I were number 76 for the Devils, I'd start boxing lessons now, because good old Ryan Reaves might want to dance with him.
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