Ryan Poehling will risk changing his winning recipe

Published November 24, 2021 at 3:24 PM

If there's one CH player that's going strong these days, it's Ryan Poehling. The 22-year-old American is getting comfortable in the NHL, hence his two goals against the Nashville Predators.

He is also playing with much more confidence and poise.

As is the tradition, most hockey players wear a mustache, including Ryan Poehling.

From what we can tell, the mustache has worked pretty well for him so far. However, there's no way he's going to keep his precious piece of hairy art after the movember. Decidedly, the Habs' first pick in 2017 is really not superstitious. Why change a winning recipe?

His answer?

"My mom hates it!"

Poehling's mom will therefore be held responsible for the mustachian sacrifice. It's a shame, because I like Ryan Poehling with a mustache!
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