Steve Bégin responded to Josh Anderson's recent comments

Published November 24, 2021 at 2:50 PM

Last week, forward Josh Anderson admitted that Marc Bergevin's contract situation was personally affecting the players in the dressing room.

Steve Bégin, a former Saint-Flanelle player, did not support the comments of number 17. According to him, it is not normal to say that the team's failures are indirectly linked to the staff.

"The job of the players is to perform, no matter what happens off the ice. You can't be disturbed in your game because of the uncertain future of your general manager!"

"Guys hear about it, yes it can bother them, but not enough to explain the team's failures."

Begin probably doesn't like to see the team he has a special attachment to be so atrocious, but he understands under the circumstances.

"Any team that would have lost their pillars in Carey Price and Shea Weber would have been in trouble. It's a tricky situation."

However, he targeted a very positive point in this rocky process.

"Slowly but surely, the younger guys are going to step up."

We can only agree with his words. Bégin was an eternal worker on the ice, a real machine. It must be somewhat annoying for him to see players looking for excuses like that.

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