Ryan Poehling received a vote of confidence from the Habs staff

Published September 6, 2021 at 5:30 PM

In the past, we've often heard rumors that Ryan Poehling was no longer in the Montreal Canadiens' plans. Numerous trade rumors have circulated on social media over the past two seasons, leading everyone to believe that Poehling no longer had a place in the Montreal hierarchy. However, those days seem to be over.

The American center had a dream season last year with the Laval Rocket, which caught the attention of his boss Marc Bergevin. Poehling had 25 points, including 11 goals, in 28 games last year despite a wrist injury. Would you believe that Poehling is ready to make the jump to the big club this year? Without a doubt, that's what Marc Bergevin implied this afternoon.

When the 56-year-old mentioned the players who will be playing center this season, he didn't miss the opportunity to praise Poehling. He named Suzuki, Dvorak, Evans, Paquette and Poehling, and finished by saying that the young American had a great second half of the season in Laval last year.

Rarely has Marc Bergevin spoken so confidently about Poehling, we can only be as optimistic as he is about the Habs' first pick in 2017.

Could we see him pilot the Habs' third forward unit? Yes, there is a chance in my opinion. I think it will be the third line or the Laval Rocket for Poehling. I can't see him filling a fourth center role. That would be a "waste". Jake Evans is much more suited for that task.

If Marc Bergevin was sincere this afternoon in saying that he offers the chance to the young players of the organization to develop properly, he will inevitably give Poehling the opportunity to have quality ice time. I can see him playing with veterans like Jonathan Drouin and Brendan Gallagher to acclimate his transition to the NHL game.

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